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100" FlowCont, 2 Needless Inj., 40/CS

100" FlowCont, 2 Needless Inj., 40/CS
Brand: Health Line
Product Code: HLSV572482
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 96" FlowCont, 2 Needless Inj., 40/CS

Solution Set with CONTROL-A-FLO Regulator and 2 NeedlFree Luer Activated Valves, Male Luer Lock Adapter. For gravity use only. Approximately 10 drops per mL, Approximate Length 96" (2.4 m). Contains DEHP. Fluid path is sterile.

Product Characteristics

Non-Latex: Yes
Non-Latex Comment: Does not contain natural rubber latex.
Non-DEHP: Yes

Ordering information

Medtec Medical, Inc.  Product Code: HLSV572482

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