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Huber Safety Needles


The MiniLoc™ Safety Infusion Set incorporates a Huber type needle into an integral safety needle device. Huber needles are used to access surgically implanted, subcutaneous vascular access ports on a repeated basis. As such, they are hollow-bore and potentially blood-contaminated at the time of removal, with a significant need for an effective safety solution. An estimated 47% of accidental needlestick injuries from Huber needles are due to the "rebound effect," which occurs during needle withdrawal from the implanted port.

MiniLoc features a robust shield that is deployed as the needle is withdrawn from the port, effectively reducing the risk of accidental needlesticks, including rebound injuries. MiniLoc’s safety mechanism is easy-to-use and conforms to common user technique.

Although MiniLoc is a safety Huber needle, it is remarkably small. Its ultra-low profile and small footprint make it easy to dress. This is a significant feature in the Huber needle market; which has been plagued by large, unwieldy safety devices. The tubing has an enhanced downward angle at the back of the device, which also helps maintain dressing integrity.

A specially lubricated needle significantly reduces penetration and access forces. MiniLoc’s non-coring Huber type needle minimizes damage to the port septum caused by normal use.

A needle forward design facilitates dual lumen port access.

Miniloc is available in 29 separate combinations including 19, 20, and 22 gauge needles at 1/2, 3/4, 1, and 1.5 inch lengths. All sizes are available with straight and Y-site tubing configurations and our most common sizes are available with an attached MicroClave.

The following product literature is available to view or download in Adobe PDF format. If you are unable to open the files below, download the latest version of Adobe Reader here.

MiniLoc™ Product Literature
Evaluation Form

Adobe PDF (229kb)

Adobe PDF (179kb)

Directions for Use
Skills Verification Form

Adobe PDF (229kb)

Adobe PDF (179kb)


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